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American Modeling Academy Kazakhstan

American Modeling Academy is thrilled to announce the launch of our new franchise in Kazakhstan.

We are excited to extend our modeling courses and share our knowledge and expertise with aspiring models in the country.

Our mission is to empower individuals, build self-confidence, and help achieve their full potential in the modeling industry, both nationally and internationally.

With our proven training programs and experienced instructors, we are confident in delivering the highest quality education and support in Kazakhstan, Almaty ultimately changing lives through the art of modeling.

Director of Franchise: @ainur_besmertnova

Makeup: @dianakadievamakeup

Photographer: @irreciliable,

Stylist: @akkese

Models: @b_dasseka, @yana_andreeva25_, @ainur_besmertnova, @alinavitalievna1_, @honey_badge

Jewelry: @sv_vintage

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