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Christmas Wonderland Fashion show in San Diego, December 2023

Models from the prestigious American Modeling Academy recently had the opportunity to partake in the much-awaited Christmas Wonderland show in San Diego. The event, which aimed to bring the holiday spirit to life, was a sensational showcase of fashion, music, and festive cheer.

The talented models, who had been training rigorously at the academy, were thrilled to be a part of such a grand occasion. With their flawless runway walks and impeccable style, they added an extra layer of glamour to the already magical event. From showcasing the latest winter fashion trends to enhancing the enchanting ambience of the show, the models truly breathed life into the Christmas Wonderland.

Their exquisite performances left the spectators in awe and provided a festive backdrop that showcased the true essence of Christmas.

The Christmas Wonderland show served as a testament to their skills and dedication, allowing them to gain valuable exposure within the fashion industry.

Models Alena Story, Tatiana Konovalova, Tatiana Smolin, Victoria Mostova.

Photographers Xi Zeng, Bao Phan

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