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American Modeling Aficionado

Welcome to the American Modeling Aficionado magazine, your source of inspiration. Think of it as a canvas showcasing both rising stars and celebrities in modeling, photography, fashion design, acting, artistry, and entertainment. Our mission is to encourage global creative thought, supporting artists and talents who persist in expressing themselves despite their challenges. We aim for everyone to grow, flourish, push boundaries, and make a mark in the modeling realm and beyond the stage spotlights. We are obsessed with bringing you the best content and creating supporting media for talent communities worldwide.

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Issue #2

Late Summer 2023

  • James Giovanni Pan

  • Alexis Monsanto


  • Jaime Lim - Liquid Star Photography

  • Bloom Boom - Flowers and Couture

  • Reena Tolentino

  • Dancing in Style: ABC

  • Full Moon Bridal

  • Binno Jewels

Issue #1

Spring 2023

  • Color is Power - Nadezhda Ganicheva

  • Kenneth Barlis

  • James Giovanni Pan

  • Full Moon Bridal

  • Eat, Exercise, Thrive - Svetlana Cammarano

  • Anna Gupta

  • Lady of the World 2022

  • ISHA

  • Are your kids surrounded by the right people?

01 issue - AMA Spring 2023 (COVER).jpg
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