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Runway modeling classes located in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County. Coming soon to Burbank, CA and Oceanside CA. Drop off classes of $45 per 1,5 hour. No contracts, no monthly payment. 

Elevate your modeling career with our comprehensive program that covers runway training in 5 different techniques, print modeling classes, make up classes, backstage rules "101, acting/runway directing, model portfolio development, and more!

The American Modeling Academy is an institution that fosters self - improvement and self-acceptance. We believe that every individual has the potential to succeed and shine, and our academy provides them with the tools and guidance necessary to unleash their hidden talents. 

Experience personalized training tailored to your unique goals and strengths.

Join us at the forefront of modeling training and unlock your full potential at the American Modeling Academy.

Available Programs

In any of our professional programs, students will receive instruction and learn techniques from top industry experts. Take a look below at the programs available, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions:

*Runway Training

*Print Modeling

*Acting/Runway Directing

*Backstage rules "101"

*Professional Stage Make up

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About American Modeling Academy

Discover what it takes to become a true superstar and a fashion model!

American Modeling Academy is the ultimate destination for professional models. Our comprehensive training program is designed to unlock the full potential of every student, bringing out their inner talent and helping them shine in the high-fashion, advertising, and movie industries.


With our world-class trainers, we offer a rigorous curriculum that covers all aspects of modeling and acting, from mastering the FIVE essential catwalk techniques to developing a professional attitude both on stage and behind the scenes.


At American Modeling Academy, we go above and beyond to give our students the attention they need to succeed, including personalized coaching, cutting-edge training methods, and access to industry experts.

Our students participated in Los Angeles Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, San Diego Fashion Week, Orange County Fashion Week, worked with celebrity Designers  - Alexis Monsanto, Kenneth Barlis, Anna Gupta and many more. 


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By enrolling in our classes, you acknowledge that we cannot be held liable for any accidents or injuries that may occur during the course. You assume full responsibility for any potential harm that may result from your participation in our classes.

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Welcome to American Modeling Academy, the place where you find your self-confidence and self - appreciations.

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