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Annual Exam at American Modeling Academy 2024

The American Modeling Academy's annual exam, held on May 25th, 2024, was a highly anticipated event that brought together 38 students from three different locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Ana. The students, who had been diligently learning and honing their skills, gathered at the largest studio in San Diego to showcase their talents and demonstrate their mastery of two key walking techniques: Classic European and High Fashion.

The event was a testament to the academy's commitment to providing top-notch training and education in the field of modeling. The students, ranging from novice to advanced levels, had been working tirelessly under the guidance of experienced instructors to perfect their craft. As they took to the stage, their confidence and poise were evident, as they strutted down the catwalk with ease and precision.

The exam was overseen by no less than 17 celebrity judges, hailing from San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. These esteemed professionals in the industry were tasked with evaluating the students' progress and growth, scrutinizing their every move, from posture to stride. The judges' expertise and discerning eyes would ultimately determine which students would receive certificates of Excellence and Completion.

As the students began their walk, the room was filled with an air of anticipation and excitement. The judges watched intently, taking notes and murmuring amongst themselves as they analyzed each student's performance. The Classic European technique, characterized by long, fluid strides and elegant posture, was a crowd-pleaser, while the High Fashion style, marked by bold, angular movements and dramatic flair, left some onlookers gasping in awe.

The American Modeling Academy's annual exam was a resounding success, showcasing the next generation of modeling talent in a thrilling display of skill, poise, and charisma.

Photographer: Ernie Tyler

Runway Trainers: Irene Shebeko, Maria Kucherenko

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