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Los Angeles Fashion Week powered by Art Heart 2024

The American Modeling Academy is thrilled to announce the success of our students who participated in Los Angeles Fashion Week powered by Art Heart. The prestigious fashion show took place at The New Market from March 21st to March 23rd, and our students truly shined on the runway.

Our talented and dedicated students walked with confidence and grace, captivating the audience with their impeccable talent and professionalism. They stood out among the other models, showcasing their unique style and presence on the catwalk. It was clear that they had worked hard to perfect their craft, and their hard work paid off as they wowed the crowd with their stunning performances.

Our students had the incredible opportunity to work with renowned celebrity designers such as Kenneth Barlis and Alexis Monsanto. They were able to showcase these designers' exquisite creations, bringing life and personality to each piece they wore. The experience of working with such esteemed designers was invaluable, allowing our students to gain invaluable knowledge and insight into the fashion industry.

We are extremely proud of our students for their exceptional performances at Los Angeles Fashion Week. Their dedication, passion, and talent truly set them apart from the rest, and we have no doubt that they will continue to achieve great success in their modeling careers. The American Modeling Academy congratulates our students on their outstanding achievements and looks forward to supporting them as they continue to pursue their dreams in the world of fashion.

Production - LAFW powered by Art Heart

Photographers - Arun Nevader

Collections - Kenneth Barlis, Alexis Monsanto, Haus of Puglielli

Jewelry Collection - Charlie Lapson

Model - Milana Likhterman

Model - Dasha Ilnutska

Model - Mayya Golub

Model - Dima Ilnitskyy

Model - Milana Likhterman

Model - Dasha Ilnutska

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