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New York Fashion Show 2024 with designer Tatiana Shabelnik.

The students from American Modeling Academy captivated the audience with their impeccable runway skills at New York Fashion Week 2024. With poise and confidence, they showcased the stunning collection by designer Tatiana Shabelnik, leaving a lasting impression on the fashion industry insiders and spectators alike.

Each model walked the runway with grace and style, embodying the unique vision and aesthetic of Shabelnik's designs. Their professionalism and dedication to their craft shone through as they flawlessly presented the intricate details and innovative concepts of the collection.

The students' performance was met with rave reviews, highlighting their talent and potential in the competitive world of fashion. Their participation in such a prestigious event is a testament to the quality of training and guidance provided by the American Modeling Academy, solidifying their reputation as a leading institution in the fashion industry.

Photographer Lena Foster

Designer Tatiana Shabelnik

Model Margaryta Miuller

Model Tatiana Smolin

Model Tajjamal Johnson

Model Anna Dmitrieva

Model Evgeniya Ahearn

Model Tatiana Konovalova

Model Edward Moquette

Model Svetlana Camaranno

Model Tatiana Smolin

Model Margaryta Miuller

Model Anna Dmitrieva

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