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Woman's Workshop, (Stylist's hacks, Top Model insights, Nutritionist's tips and tricks)

Have you ever thought about how great it would be to work through all your femininity, style, and nutrition components?

Not just picking out clothes in a store, but knowing that they will work for you?

To walk so that everyone would turn their heads because of your posture, and your pictures would always turn out well?

Eat delicious food, wear the tightest dress, and not feel ashamed of every piece of chocolate?

We want to announce the EVENT that we and our amazing team have been preparing for you for a MONTH!

WOMAN'S WORKSOP - 1 day intensive

Guest Speakers :

✔️STYLIST @nadine_studios

✔️TOP MODEL @kristinamenissov


We'll take apart your closet, put together a nutrition program, and learn how to at least like cats!

Join us on May 14; it will be bright, tasteful, and sincere. We promise!

DM on Instagram to reserve your spot

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