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Alexis Monsanto Fashion Show - Los Angeles

Our models are thrilled to have been invited by the renowned celebrity designer, Alexis Monsanto, to showcase his stunning dresses. It's an honor for them to represent such exquisite designs on the runway.

Monsanto is known for his precise cuts and elegant tailoring that flatter a woman's body. He uses fabrics as his canvas to create classic yet fashion-forward two-piece ensembles and evening gowns that enhance a woman's silhouette. He draws inspiration from Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso's surrealism and considers Valentino and Dior as masters of elegant design. Monsanto patronizes the arts and loves the Opera, Symphony, and Broadway musicals.

✔️Fashion designer @alexismonsanto


✔️Photographers @sunrise2sunset14

✔️Jewerly @charlielapson

✔️Shoes by @JojoBragais

✔️Skin Care by @Apolinar

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