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Istanbul Fashion Week 2024 powered by AFWEU.

We at American Modeling Academy are thrilled to announce the success of our talented student from Kazakhstan who participated in Istanbul Fashion Week on January 25th, 2024. Representing the kids collection by Chinara Yelmuratovna, our student showcased impeccable style and grace on the runway, impressing both the audience and industry professionals alike.

Through dedication and hard work, our student demonstrated not only their modeling skills but also their ability to embody the spirit of the collection they were presenting. We are proud to have played a role in supporting and nurturing their talent, helping them to achieve their dreams of walking the runway at a prestigious event like Istanbul Fashion Week.

We congratulate our student on their outstanding performance and look forward to seeing more of their success in the future. Thank you to Chinara Yelmuratovna for providing such a beautiful collection for our student to showcase.

Director of American Modeling Academy Kazakhstan @ainur_besmertnova

Organization @afweufashionweeks


Photographer @thekolic

Models @american_modeling_academy_kz

Designer @chinara_yelmuratovna

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