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OC Fashion Week Spring 2024

Updated: Mar 15

The American Modeling Academy recently had the honor of having 10 of their students participate in Orange County Fashion Week. This prestigious event spanned over 5 days and took place in various locations throughout the county. It was a wonderful opportunity for these students to showcase their talent and skills in the world of fashion.

What is truly remarkable about this group of students is their diversity in age, ranging from 12 years old to 45 years old. This just goes to show that passion and dedication to modeling knows no age limit. Each participant brought something unique to the stage and represented the American Modeling Academy with pride.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the incredible team of photographers, make-up artists, designers, and hair stylists who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the students looked their best. Their skills and creativity were instrumental in helping the students shine on the stage.

The American Modeling Academy is extremely proud of all their students who participated in Orange County Fashion Week. It is a testament to their hard work and commitment to their craft. This experience will undoubtedly be a stepping stone towards future opportunities in the fashion industry, and the academy looks forward to supporting them every step of the way.

Photographers: James Giovanni Pan, Jac Wong, Joe Garcia, George Arguelles.

Model - Mayya Golub

Model - Tatiana Smolin

Model - Auriana Hansen

Model - Anna Dmitrieva

Model - Margaryta Miuller

Model - Eva Amalia

Model - Tatiana Konovalova

Model - Margaryta Miuller

Model - Mayya Golub

Model - Tatiana

Model - Sofia Kim

Model - Julia Kushnir

Model - Mayya Golub

Model - Milana Lighterman

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